Track Update April 8th 2015 | MINI Victoria

Track Update April 8th 2015


Vancouver Island is wonderful place for many different people who appreciate the mild climate, the beautiful scenery and the diverse culture. With a countless number of great roads to drive on and the vast array of activities that can be taken advantage of all year around, it’s home to many with amazing cars who appreciate both their beauty and their performance.

Compared to most other dealerships in the country, our eight facilities sell a large number of high performance vehicles due to the mild climates and the demographics on Vancouver Island. This can easily be seen from the array of sports and performance vehicles you see driving along our roads, going to and from work daily and enjoying weekend drives up and down the island.  On occasion, we will also sell some extremely fast cars to owners of whom have never been trained or coached on how to get the best performance out of their new cars, and thus they’re limited to enjoying only their looks and the sound of their exhausts.   However, one thing many of these drivers may dislike about Vancouver Island us the slow speed limits on the highways and the beautiful country back roads.

The idea for our own test track originated from a dealer meeting that was held at the Las Vegas Raceway.  We could see that everyone was driving their hearts out and their faces were filled with excitement from the moment they stepped out of the cars.  On the other side of the facility, you would see people renting Mercedes-Benz SLS’s, Lamborghinis and Ferraris by the lap just to drive on the track.  After looking around, we noticed cars from far and wide who travelled long distances to the Raceway just to drive a few laps. 

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Track Facts : Turns and Topography