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A new era of sustainable. An insider look at the MINI Concept Aceman


As MINI speeds toward their goal of becoming fully electric at the start of the 2030's, they have revealed the concept for their first ever all-electric model.
The MINI Concept Aceman, representing an era of more sustainable, connected cars for the brand, is set to be released in 2024, and we have the insider sneak peek of this existing pioneer. The Concept Aceman is the start of a new adventure, blending hallmark MINI agility and innovative design concepts, while delivering the same iconic MINI driving experience.
The concept car features a light turquoise hue, which, depending on the way the light falls, appears to be brighter or darker, lending a subtle three-dimensionality to the surfaces and edges. It wouldn't be a true MINI if the colour play ended here! As the British Racing Green roof rack shimmers in different shades of blue, purple, green, turquoise and pink, thanks to the chameleon effect of what's known as PVD coating.
Inside, classic and sporty MINI design elements combine for a completely new interior experience. A long, curved, surfboard-like dashboard floats horizontally, serving as a stage for animated projections. The transparent floating central console, which is open at the top and extends into the rear, lets you add a wireless charging area, or even cupholders, among the components available depending on your mood. Directly below the dashboard sits a new toggle bar, the only analog control element in the Concept Aceman, integrating the parking brake, gear selection, start/stop function, selection of experience modes and volume control. The front and rear seating are made of flat knit, velvet velour and waffle fabric in subtle colour combinations. The new design follow sustainable cues and is entirely free of chrome and leather with upholstery and textiles made from recycled materials.
Designed to still personally suit you, the Aceman features three new experience modes, allowing users to customize how they operate and enjoy the interior. Personal mode allows you to choose from an array of subtly animated background images and displays that are also projected onto the dashboard. Examples include clouds moving in the sky, waves breaking on the shore, and glittering water moving in a swimming pool. While, Pop-Up mode, the first experience-oriented navigation to be offered in a MINI, allows you to choose where you want to go by experience category such as dining out, events, trends, or spinning an animated wheel of fortune. There is even an element of surprise if you are feeling spontaneous! Vivid mode allows for a more playful, interactive and fun-filled enhancement for any journey. Create a completely new interactive design for the entire display area whenever the vehicle is stationary.
The fully-electric MINI Aceman is set to be released in 2024. And we can't wait!

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