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Something sweet: The Mini Ice Cream Van


MINI motoring has always come in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s part of what makes the brand a fan favourite around the world. As a brand that loves to get creative with vehicle design, incorporating pop culture phenomenons to really get fan’s motors running, there’s always something new and exciting in the works at MINI. These trendy and creative takes on the classic and recognizable brand play on nostalgia and keep us talking about all the popular icons we love.
One of these playful versions of MINI is the seriously sweet Ice Cream Van! Over time, ice cream trucks seem to have become a thing of the past, evoking fond childhood memories of that sweet melody that signaled tasty treats were nearby. It is incredible to think that the ice cream truck is now more a piece of history than something we all enjoyed on those hot summer days. 
Created in the 1970s by Cummins Ice Cream Vans and then acquired in 1998 by Whitby Morrison, the legendary ice cream van has left its mark not only in the neighbourhoods it delivered its delicious treats to, but also on history. The Ice Cream Van is difficult to miss with its bright pink and bold curvy design. For many, the Ice Cream Van is called the ‘Batmobile Mini’, as it resembles the vehicle which took its design inspiration from the 1960’s Batman televisions how starring Adam West. The Ice Cream Van also features “big eyes”, this time above the cockpit.
While this Mini Ice Cream Van has found a new home in the groups Classic’s heritage collection, these Minis have not been completely retired. Whitby Morrison had previously built at least one replica of the Mini Ice Cream Van for a company that wanted to add a little charm to their ice cream van line-up. Hundreds of MINI Ice Cream Vans were built during their popularity, not only in the UK but also abroad. The average lifespan of the vehicle was fifteen years with the usual wear and tear. That’s a lot of ice cream!
If you haven’t had a chance to see it in person, however, don’t fret! You can still find the beloved Ice Cream Van featured at many worldwide events. Other examples of MINI special editions include the Wildgoose, the ‘Red Mudder’ by DSQUARED², The Designer MINI by David Bowie and Mr. Bean’s MINI
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